For More than 20 years RMSB has been fighting to protect the rights of injured persons throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Delaware. Here are some of our most notable verdicts and settlements.


Millions of dollars collected on the following matters:

A man who suffered limited use of his arm following an accident with a bus in New Jersey.

An electrician who suffered spinal injuries when a large metal container fell on him at a construction site.

An elderly man who was electrocuted when attempting to hook his camper up at a campsite.

A woman who suffered serious injuries when her rental vehicle rolled in an accident.

A passenger who suffered nerve damage requiring several surgeries following a Jitney accident.

A minor child who suffered partial vision loss after a defective light bulb exploded.

An Underinsured Motorist case where a bread delivery operator suffered 2 shoulder tears in a work accident.

A worker who slipped and fell on untreated ice in her work parking lot causing her to sustain permanent wrist damage.