Firm Testimonials

Firm Testimonials

Dear Marshall,

You are my guy and I will send everybody to you.

I really appreciate Marc's thoroughness, availability, sharp expertise and exceptional skill in his success with my disability claim.
Dear Marc, I wanted to take a minute and thank you again for all your help with my long term disability problems. I've dealt with a lot of lawyers in my time, being a legal assistant for more than 20 years, and I can tell you you are, by far, the most professional and kind attorney I know. You were there for me always, answered all my phone calls, treated me with respect, and resolved my case in a very reasonable amount of time and much to my satisfaction. I have recommended you highly to all my friends. Thanks again.
About a year ago, when I was beginning the process of appealing a decision by my disability insurance company to end my benefits, I contacted Marc Snyder for advice on how to proceed. Marc went above and beyond anything expected by me. Bottom line … we won, and they reinstated my benefits in response to two letters written by Marc. Thank you, Marc, for the exceptional service to someone you never even met.
A good friend of mine recommended Marc Snyder to me. I have severe fibromyalgia. Not many lawyers want to handle this kind of case. He took my case and because of him I have Long Term Disability from my former employer and Social Security Disability. He continues to take care of me and is quick to return my calls. He has done a great job for me. I highly recommend him.
I found Marc Snyder to be compassionate, attentive and trustworthy. Additionally, he always promptly returned my phone calls. I felt secure in his guidance and had a positive result.
Marc did an excellent job representing me in my disability claim. I highly recommend Marc to anyone needing his services. Marc cares.
To Who it may Concern:

I wanted to express my appreciation for the hard work and effort Marc performed in handling my disability case. He is very knowledgable, detail oriented and showed professinalism in all aspects of his representation of me. Marc was always available to answer my questions promptly and I recommend using his expertise on how to handle a disability claim.

Greatly Appreciative
When my insurer declined my application for Long Term Disability benefits, I was dependent on friends and family for financial support due to my inability to work. Not only did Mr. Snyder prevail in having my benefits reinstated, he did so in a timely and professional manner. He took a genuine interest in my well being; at no time did I feel as though my problem was insignificant or that I was just another case or claim. He took the time to explain the steps involved, what information was required to reinstate my benefits, and answered all of my questions and concerns. He and his firm truly made a difference.
I was very pleased with your representation as my attorney at law to quickly and successfully obtain for me social security disability benefits, as well as job disability benefits that I deserved and needed. Also, I thank you for the good professional advice that I needed. I am glad that I followed your professional counsel which was excellent advice needed when disability changes your life, health and livelihood and you have to face life differently. Thank you!
Our testimony is regarding my husband's disability, the mistreatment by our insurance company, and Snyder's professional and expert handling of our case:

Until he went out on disability, my husband, Steve, had worked for a large financial institution for 15+ years. He had been an excellent employee and through hard work was promoted to a VP. In the fall of 2013, Steve developed a "chronic persistent daily headache" – which is a constant migraine that doesn't stop. Initially, Steve's employer's insurance company approved the short-term disability claim, Then after 30 days, the insurance company denied additional benefits despite the fact that Steve was in the hospital and being managed by one of the nation's foremost headache centers.

We appealed on our own and when our appeal was denied, our family was desperate and we reached out to Marc Snyder. We had no one referring us to Marc, we were just fortunate to find him through a Google search.

Marc has been fantastic. After speaking with us on the phone, he set up a face-to-face meeting, set realistic expectations and explained the overall process. Marc agreed to take our case, explaining that he had won a similar case against the same employer and insurance company. He explained that he would only receive payment if he won our case. We had nothing to lose and everythig to gain. We walked out of his office feeling optimistic for the first time in months. In the months that followed, Marc was always available to answer questions and help us with insurance paperwork, both by phone and email. He advised us to file for Social Security Disability benefits. This proved very valuable and we were actualy approved and received SSDI prior to any additonal insurance benefits!

Steve's employer's insurance company continued to drag out a decision on Long Term benefits. Marc's influence was evident when we got the word that the insurance company decided to pay Steve's Long Term Disability benefits and later decided to payout the full Short-Term Disability benefits too!

If you are in need of an excellent disability attorney, we highly recommend Marc Snyder of Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld.
I am very pleased with the time, passion and thoroughness of Marc Snyder, when he represented me in a disability benefit dispute. Marc guided me patiently step by step through a long appeal process. He was extremely thorough in developing an appeal for me, by contacting my doctors, listening to me describe my illness, and confronting the insurance company. What makes Marc such a good lawyer is he is passionate about what he does and that passion comes through in his writings and drive to win a case.
Social Security Disability had approved me for disability but the insurance company that administered benefits for my employer chose to ignore Social Security's findings. Marc Snyder got the insurance company to review my records. When they did, they agreed with Social Security Disability and approved my claim.
My wife and I engaged Marc because we needed insight and guidance. He provided this expertise and so much more in a down-to-earth and caring manner. He was a true partner throughout the entire process.
Thanks to Marc Snyder, Attorney at Law, I was able to receive Short Term disability and later Long Term Disability. I worked as an RN for 17 years. I eventually needed to stop working because of Fibromyalgia and several other health issues. Despite having paid for STD for 14 years when I applied for STD due to illness, I was denied. My Social Security attorney recommended Marc Snyder, as this is his field of expertise. It was the best advice I was given.

Marc agreed to handle my case and proceeded to put together the facts. This included an extensive letter from my Rheumatologist, office visit notes, blood work and other test results, medication list and a Functional Capacity Exam. As a result of his hard work, the insurance company reversed its decision. It would have been extremely difficult to receive benefits without his assistance. Marc Snyde4r has been a godsend. I would highly recommend his services to others who find themselves in a similar situation.