Firm Testimonials

Firm Testimonials

When I first met Marc Snyder, I was facing new medical issues that made it impossible for me to hold employment. With Marc's assistance, I eventually applied and was approved for Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability. My days were challenging during this process, due to my medical issues. Marc helped in every way he could to make the process go as easy as he could for me. He was always very quick to respond to my questions. He also worked well with my doctors, insurance companies and Social Security.

Marc makes it very obvious that he is there for, and has time for each of his clients. Marc is the kind of person that anyone should feel very comfortable with, which is very important when you go through this sort of process. Marc is a valuable resource when dealing with any sort of disability and I would highly recommend him to be by your side, and to fight for you.
Finding Lance to represent me was a blessing. He and his paralegals were caring through the entire process.
My Disability Insurance Carrier declared that I was no longer disabled and stopped my disability payments. Just because they could. I was terrified that I would lose my home and all that I had worked for over 35 years. I was outraged and felt that a terrible injustice had been done to me.

I had a horrible time finding a lawyer who would help me. I was told that the case was not worth taking by several attorneys. Various reasons were given including, "nobody gets a settlement from ERISA" and "there is not enough money involved".

Thank God I found Marc. He not only took my case, he obtained for me a fair and just settlement. Without Marc, the insurance company would have gotten away with cheating me out of my rightful disability income.

Marc is a caring, compassionate man. I felt that he honestly wanted to right the wrong that had been done to me.
I would like to take this opportunity to positively recommend Marc Snyder and the law firm of Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld. I had the opportunity of meeting Marc after I was unfortunately injured in an auto accident. My disability insurance company had stopped paying my long term disability benefits, and I needed representation. I was referred to Marc. He was very professional and reassuring throughout the experience, and had my best interest at heart during the entire process.

Marc was very knowledgeable in disability law and made me feel assured that he was helping me to make informed decisions, representing me and fighting for me. Marc was always available to talk to either by email or by phone and was quick to respond back to me when I left messages. He never rushed me when I had questions, but rather took his time to explain things, make recommendations, and direct me in the right way, explaining the process as time went along.

I am happy to share that through representation by Marc and his law firm, I was able to fight back for insurance that I was rightfully entitled to, and received compensation for the time and money that was owed to me. Marc helped make a difficult time in my life a little less stressful, and I am thankful for that and for his expertise.
Marc saw a case where others didn't. And, we won! Great job!

I want to thank you for all of the help you have given to Chria and I. Thanks to your work we have regained financial independence and restored our savings. We will forever be in your debt.

Emily Salter, Pharm.D
Marc, I wanted to send a quick letter telling you how much I appreciate how you handled my case and me during the last year. Even though neither of us got rich off my settlement, you were at all times gracious, patient and always willing to take the extra time it took to make sure I understood what we were up against and what our chances of success were. During the final stages of negotiations, you kept me in the loop of what you were doing as well as what the other company was saying about the case. I can't imagine for a minute that other lawyers would have taken such care.

As the settlement was being discussed, you were straight up once again advising me as to whether it was worth going forward to court or settling, gave me the time to make up my mind and never once did I feel as if you were leading me one way or the other. You settled, to my satisfaction, with no angst from me whatsoever. I am very appreciatiive of how you handled the entire affair.

I will certainly keep your name and my experience with you top of mind when friends need a good lawyer. I wish you good luck and many thanks.

Ed Kleinstuber In God We Trust
Marc did an excellent job representing me in my disability claim. I highly recommend Marc to anyone needing his services. Marc cares.
This note serves as my personal testimonial of how my legal matter was handled by attorney Marc H. Snyder. From the inception of the case to the closing of my file, Marc's professionalism, experience, personality and enormously strong work ethic were always present during the entire legal process. I personally worked for over 20 years in various law firms and I chose Marc Snyder, Esquire instead of all the other attorneys I knew.

Directly put, Marc Snyder works on your file, provides you with updates, calls when important issues may arise and in my own legal experience this is how all attorneys should handle their clients' cases. In closing, Marc Snyder won a very hard to win case for me. Words alone cannot express my gratitude, and I would strongly recommend his and his firm's services to anyone.
When I fell at work, I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t support my family. Lance was there to get me my work benefits and took the time to explain what I need to know during my case.
Just wanted to thank you so much for all that you have done for my son and our family. When I first came to you for help in a distressed state you were calm, patient and reassuring. I could tell that this was not just a job to you that it was personal and you were truly concerned for my son's future. Your patience with my son is what I am most grateful for. In the autistic world, few are kind and understanding to those who so desperately need these qualities.

When our insurance company informed me that they were about to discontinue my son's disability benefits, you sat with him and our family and explained everything that needed to be done to right this wrong. Even though my son did not understand what was really happening, he did sense what was going on and was not good. He did understand however, that you were someone that was being kind to him and that you were helping us. I greatly value your opinion and expertise. I have 100% faith in your advice and winning our appeal proved that I was right. I can't thank you enough for your help!

Dear Marc,

Over 2 years ago, I had 2 very bad seizures and was unable to go back to work. I had gotten disability through work and they stopped it after 3 months. I was trying to get it back on my own and they (Cigna) kept denying me, even though I gave them proof of my medical records and testing. My doctors even sent letter stating I was unable to work.

It was only through your help that I was able to get my monthly disability payments. I wish I could have found you in the first place.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs help like I did. Thank you so very much Marc.

Marc Snyder has all of the qualities I could ever have hoped to find in an attorney to handle the appeal of my disability claim. He is extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date concerning all areas of disability law, and is very experienced and successful in mounting and winning appeals and claims for his clients. He is professional and thorough, and does all of the casework himself so that he knows the complete history, as well as every detail and nuance, of each case and can prepare the best claim/appeal possible. I first contacted Marc when my long-term disability insurance was terminated at the time of the two-year review. I have multiple sclerosis, a progressive disease in which symptoms and functional abilities worsen over time. The onset and determination of total disability caused by MS are not always clear-cut or agreed upon by doctors and insurance companies.

Thankfully, Marc took my case. He met with me at length, reviewed all of the records and documentation, identified what additional testing and evidence were needed to clarify my ability/inability to work, communicated with all relevant parties, and pulled it all together. The appeal was successful, and my benefits were reinstated. Marc is incredibly professional and skilled in the work he does, but I have also found him to be very personable, down-to-earth, and responsive in his interactions with me. I believe that he truly cares about his clients and that he is very sympathetic to the challenges faced by persons with disabilities. For anyone in need of legal assistance in the area of disability law, I wholeheartedly and unconditionally recommend Marc Snyder.
Mr Marc Snyder was my attorney for my long term disability case with Cigna. From the first moment I spoke with him on the phone to him coming to my home he was very professional, very nice and patiently listened to me while I told him my story! I have a severe chronic pain condition and can no longer work. I'm on disability but I also needed the money that I would receive from my long term disability to live!

We both knew that Cigna was in the wrong when they bluntly told me they no longer felt I was disabled and that I could go back to work. My condition is so bad that I can only walk, sit or stand for about 10 to 15 minutes then my pain goes through the roof! My life is laying in bed everyday looking at my four walls. With that said Mr Snyder did an amazing job fighting to get my long term disability back! It was not a big case but to me it was huge for the extra money. He won my case and I am so very grateful that he was on my side!!! I would recommend Mr Snyder to everyone!!!
I felt like I had someone to fight for me!!! Lance was always available to support me. I was terribly injured and could not work.
I just wanted to pass my thoughts on as concerns my gratitude and respect for Marc Snyder.

In October, 2012 I was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's Disease, a neuro-degenerative condition for which there is no known cure. Once I was unable to continue as an Executive Assistant due to mobility issues affecting my ability to write and type, I filed for disability insurance, a benefit from my employer that I had elected.

Assuming it was a slam dunk due to the diagnosis, I was totally unprepared for the nightmare of paperwork and denial of benefits that became my life once I filed my disability claim. Fortunately for me my niece is an attorney and was able to recommend Marc. Over the past year he has been my guiding light of help navigating the process, my guiding light of hope, and eventually my saving grace when we were able to obtain the benefits due me.

Throughout the process he was always caring and kind and truly had my best interest at heart, Not only could I have not secured my benefits without his expertise, I could not have survived the stress without his personal counsel.

Marc is a true scholar and a gentleman as the saying goes. Well done Marc and my sincerest thanks for everything!
Dear Marc Snyder, You were my greatest advocate!. You never once treated me as bothersome to you and you returned my calls with questions I had right away. I would have never won my case if it wasn't for you. You were very open and honest from the very beginning. I appreciated that! I don"t know how I can ever thank you enough for the great job you did!! From the first meeting that I had with you I can still remember the words that you said to me: "My day will be a great day when I can call you and say, "Robin we won."" You are a caring person and I am so thankful for the great job you did did and fast.

I wanted to send you a personal thank you, Marc, for the way you treated my dad. Up until the time we met with you most attorneys never took the time to learn how my dad’s brain works after the accident. We even went as far as hiring a disability lawyer who never came and even talked with me or my dad. When you took the time out of your busy schedule to come and meet with him, I knew we had finally found a compassionate, detail oriented, client-first focused attorney. Prior to you taking the case, the old attorney never called or returned calls. He wanted me to take care of everything. You were the complete opposite. Once on the case you pursued my dad’s long term disability benefits as if he was your own father.

Let me say this, if you’re reading this and wondering … “is he a good attorney?” … “can he help me?” … “does he know his way through the law and with the courts and the judges?” … “will I feel like I’m the most important case he has on his plate?” … “is he honest, with great integrity?” … “does his staff reflect his values and concerns?” … My answer is an overwhelming YES!! Long story short, you made my dad feel important again, and the results you achieved on his disability case with all the possible obstacles my dad’s case presented, you settled way beyond our expectations. If ever an attorney meets the requirement of a “client-first” attorney, you are at the top of the list. From the bottom of my heart and my dad’s, we cannot thank you enough. We not only met an outstanding attorney but a friend as well. Thank you so much.

YAY! Thanks so much for your tenacity and efforts!!! It is greatly appreciated and you will always have my referrals and praises!! – You are just Awesome! It’s awful to have 19 years, great reviews and increasing job roles/titles, no prior medical issues … just an awful process. They act as bullies and get away with what they want most times.

I have had the privilege to have Marc Snyder as my disability lawyer when I really needed someone to fight to get my disability benefits. At the time I couldn’t fight for myself with all of the pain and suffering that the disability insurance company had give me as well as my pain from my disability.

Mr. Snyder fought and fought for me until we go a positive resolution and I can’t thank him enough. He still fights for me to keep my payments coming every month. I am so pleased I was given his name from a friend, because without Marc’s help, I don’t know where I would be now.

This is my personal experience with Mr. Marc Snyder and the way he handles his professional business.

Just when I was giving up the fight for my Lincoln disability benefits that were due to me, I received a call from my family doctor who told me that he knows of someone who he thinks can help. This person was Marc Snyder.

When I first spoke with Marc on the phone we made an appointment to meet. I was asked to gather my medical documents and put them in some kind of order so we could go over and see if I possibly had a case. After going through boxes of medical documents, I got so overwhelmed I couldn’t possibly put these in any order or even look at them without getting so upset because of all I went through with other lawyers. I called Marc up and told him I was going to cancel. I told him I can’t look at these documents and get them in any kind of order and it was too much to handle.

Marc said to me “Lynda, it’s ok. You can come in tomorrow with your documents and we’ll go over them together.” Marc spent 3 hours with me going through everything. Not once did I feel rushed or uncomfortable in our meeting. He agreed to take the case and told me everything to expect and even the time frame to the the best of his knowledge. There were times I had questions for Marc and I would call, e-mail and even text him. Marc always responded within a day or less. This was amazing to me because I have had lawyers before and had to make multiple calls and leave messages before getting a call back.

In the end, Marc won this case for me. I cried because I couldn’t believe it was finally over.

Marc is a wonderful man and I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me.